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Social Security Disability Law Firm

Kathleen Flynn | Attorney

I graduated cum laude from Bucknell University in 1986. While attending Tulane University Law School from 1988-1991, I was selected to handle cases for the Juvenile Law Clinic. Representing neglected and abused children, as well as juveniles charged with crimes, made a lasting impression on me. I realized the daily struggles my young indigent clients encountered in overcoming challenging obstacles in their personal lives.

I began practicing as a licensed attorney at Peninsula Legal Aid in a rural area on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I fought relentlessly for positive outcomes for my clients who could not afford to pay a private attorney. With my assistance, my clients were awarded child/spousal support, gained custody of their children, received protective orders, had their repossessed cars returned to them, had excessive fees for late rent waived, were granted social security disability benefits, and received unemployment compensation benefits.

In my next position as a staff attorney/decision writer for five Administrative Law Judges in Charlottesville, VA, I learned how the Social Security Administration’s hearing office (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review) functioned. I also acquired in-depth knowledge of social security regulations and rulings used to decide all types of claims for adults and children.

Since I had a compelling desire to make a more direct impact on the lives of people suffering from physical and mental disabilities, I came to Atlanta to work at a private social security disability firm. Focusing exclusively on social security disability law, I handled the majority of the hearings for the office. I also wrote appeals of unfavorable decisions from Judges, as well as U.S. District Court briefs for cases denied by the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council.

In 2003, I eventually launched my own practice with social security disability law being the firm’s sole practice area. The goal of the firm is to get our clients approved for benefits as soon as possible, as we take claims at all levels and even file applications online for new clients. I am now certified to handle veterans’ claims before the Veteran’s Administration.

I am a member of the Georgia www.gastatebar.org,Virginia www.vsb.org and District of Columbia state bars www.dcbar.org; United States District Court in the Fourth and Eleventh Circuits www.gamd.uscourts.gov ,www.gand.uscourts.gov, www/vaed.uscourts.gov; the Cobb County Bar Association cobbcountybar.org; the Dekalb County Bar Association www.dekalbbar.org; the Atlanta Bar Association www.atlantabar.org; the National Association of Social Security Representatives (NOSSCR) www.nosscr.org; National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR) www.nadr.org National Association of Veterans Advocates www.vetadvocates.org; Georgia Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) www.gawl.org; Lawyers Club of Atlanta www.lawyersclubofatlanta.org; Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) www.gabwa.org; Decatur Business Association www.decaturdba.com Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia www.stonewallbar.org; the Latin America Chamber of Commerce www. thelaa.org and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce www.ghcc.org

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Our Team  

Our friendly and conscientious staff of paralegals/legal assistants is your first point of contact. We are always available to answer any of your questions relating to your social security disability claim. In order to build a stronger case, we regularly update your file and submit evidence to the Georgia Department of Labor, Disability Adjudication Services (DAS) or the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). We believe that our clients always come first.

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Contingency Fee Option

You may be worried about how you will find the money to hire an attorney, to handle your social security disability case, if you cannot even afford your medications, mortgage/rent or doctors’ bills. After you become a client of our firm, you will not pay an attorney fee until you get a favorable decision.

When you win, you will pay a contingency fee that the Social Security Administration (SSA) withholds from the backpay of your SSI (Title XVI), SSDI (Title II or DIB), DAC, Widow’s benefits, Widower’s benefits or Child’s Insurance benefits. The amount of your back benefits may vary depending on when you filed, what date you were found disabled, the date the decision was made, the FICA taxes you paid, and any income reductions you may have for SSI.

The attorney fee, which is the same for all attorneys who handle cases before SSA, is as follows: Whichever is the lesser of 25% of your past due benefits OR $6,000. Remember that You Do Not Have to Pay an Attorney Fee Until We Win Your Case.

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