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“The difference you have made in our lives and certainly, our daughter, Laura’s, is incredible. The fact that there are still people like you who actually see the need and respond with the personal caring and concern was a wonderful surprise. I just wanted to drop you a personal note to thank you for your assistance in successfully bringing Laura’s social security case to a conclusion.

We now have the comforting knowledge that Laura will have security from her SSI and DAC claims after we are gone. We have provided for her future, but this ensures she will have a measure of security in life. That would not have been the case without you and your firm. After being turned down twice, we had had almost given up in despair but were blessed in being made aware of you. Laura will never drive nor be able to work any kind of normal job, but the security that has been provided is priceless and an incredible relief to my wife and I.

The debt we owe you for your willingness to take a case, that in the beginning was very debatable, can never really be repaid. This was a case that was unlikely to be won, yet you saw the real need and to your credit, agreed to take it anyway. You were our last hope. The fact that you took not only a professional interest, but also a personal interest and concern for Laura is something we will never forget. You were our lawyer, but more, you became our friend. You really cared.”

— Neal Gaskin

“My friend told me of Kathleen Flynn, who would really fight for my boys. I met an amazing woman who did all the leg work, paperwork, and phone calls with all doctors, psychologists, schools, DFACS, foster care, and institutes.

Around 2002, I received custody of my children. DFACS made the boys see a psychologist, and they were diagnosed as ADHD. Our case worker said that this would mean they could get childs’ SSI to help with their special needs. With her determination and care for children, Kathleen obtained SSI, first, for one of my boys, “Sam” (at the reconsideration level). “Joey” was different, since he was angry, abusive, and hard to control. But, Kathleen didn’t give up and finally her determination paid off, and he was approved without a hearing (at the hearing office called ODAR) .

Now, Joey has graduated top of his class and Sam is A & B honor roll. They still are on medication and have their problems. But, with the help of Kathleen, the boys got the money and the care they needed to be responsible and self reliant.

I am proud to say that Kathleen Flynn is very responsible, determined, honest and at the top of her profession. She helped me when I didn’t know what to do. Given the chance, I’ll bet you will agree.”

—Joseph Barfield

“When I relocated to Atlanta, I was referred to Ms. Flynn by Atlanta Legal Aid. When I spoke with Ms Flynn, I felt a connection and got the impression that she cared about my case from beginning to end. I relocated from Pennsylvania to Atlanta in 2004. I had a lawyer in Pennsylvania, who was not helpful in obtaining my disability benefits.

I was not easy to keep up with, as I was homeless and shifting from different family and friends. But, she managed to keep up with all my different phone numbers and addresses. Ms. Flynn never seemed to get discouraged and kept fighting for my case until I was awarded full benefits. Ms. Flynn won my case in 2006; however, she still keeps in contact with me after all these years. I look to Ms Flynn as a personal friend not just as my attorney.”

— Denise Waters

“A relative of mine, suffering from liver failure, had been going through the normal channels without a lawyer and 2 years passed by with no results. He was referred to Kathleen Flynn by the hospital, an attorney who not only specialized in disability cases but had actually previously worked for the Social Security Administration, and, therefore, understood the complete process. After hiring Ms. Flynn, my relative won his case for disability in a short amount of time. Desperate, I made an appointment to see Ms. Flynn, and, within 2 months, I received my first disability check! It was amazing!

Over the last 40 years, lifting tvs and other electronics in the consumer electronic business had left me with arthritis and spinal degenerative disc disease. The back pain had become unbearable. I was laid off after major spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago, while out of work recovering. Being 60 years old, I did not qualify for Social Security retirement. I was very depressed over the possibility of bankruptcy and home foreclosure.

What I found incredible was Kathleen’s work ethic. She genuinely cares for her clients and is a work-alcholic in order to help them. She even worked through her vacation to help me and many other clients. Now, I know I have a chance to save my house and for an enjoyable retirement. I owe it all to Kathleen. Thanks Kathleen, you are a life saver!”

—Charles R. Joines

“I would like to express my appreciation for the great job your firm has done to get my claim for disability approved. Your firm held my best interests at heart with high regard. I’m impressed with your concerns and your efforts to stay in touch with me during the process. After the initial consultation, I felt relieved that I had representation from the Law Office of Kathleen Flynn. My attorney, Kathleen Flynn, was the absolute best I could ever have hoped for – a true professional in every sense of the word. She was very mindful of my dire financial conditions and my declining health status. Ms. Flynn cared how I was doing, mentally and physically.

My attorney knew exactly the right approach to take with my disability case and was the ideal choice. She was extremely responsive. She was clear, concise, balanced, and open to my needs and feelings. She made it clear she was there for me and ready to answer all the questions I had during the process. Not only did Ms. Flynn come through in winning my case, but was always honest, felt positive, and gave me reassurance to make me feel good on how the case was going. Ms. Flynn took the extra time to keep me abreast of details and anticipation of things to come; she helped relieve much of my anxieties, concerns, and stress.

I hope that other prospective clients, who are seeking legal representation will hire Ms. Flynn to represent them on their disability cases. I am eternally grateful for the dedication and perseverance that Ms. Flynn and her staff showed me throughout the disability process. They had great customer service, and thoroughly worked very hard to help me win my disability case. I am very grateful for their efforts and highly recommend them.”

—Terry A. Seymore

“I am so grateful to Ms. Flynn for her help. Let me tell you a little about myself, and why I am so grateful to her. Through no fault of my own, in a ten year period, I was struck twice by moving vehicles. The second accident was more than two years ago. From that accident, I spent two and a half months in a coma. I have a “Traumatic Brain Injury” from the accident, which caused memory loss and continues to cause memory loss. I also have seizures, and my doctor says that I will not improve or get better ever. I don’t remember the places that I saw or the things that happened in my two and a half trips around the world when I served in the Navy. All I know is that I did do that. I spent 18 years as a glazier (making and installing glass), and I remember that I loved it and was good at it. What I also remember is this: Ms. Flynn was a Godsend to me.

I had been approved for SSI and then was told that I had too much money, because I had gotten a settlement form being run over. SSI told me to spend my money and then my check would start. Then, SSI said that I had not been approved and would have to start the application process all over again. I ran out of money and was scraping by when I called Ms. Flynn’s office. She, and the good people who work for her, treated me with respect and never talked down to me. The folks in Ms. Flynn’s office asked the Social Security people some questions. They wrote letters and made phone calls about my disability case. Faster than I thought possible, I got a letter from SSI stating that I had been approved for benefits, and, that I would get my first check in less than two weeks. I believe that if it had not been for the help from Ms. Flynn, I might still be sending letters to SSI and still not have my benefits.”

—Barry Whitaker

“I want to thank you for the excellent manner in which you handled my ongoing battle with SSI. You continued to fight SSI with all of the necessary appeals until my case was won. In addition, you went above and beyond what anyone would expect. When I moved from Georgia, you flew out to Nevada for my final court hearing. I doubt few, if any, other attorneys would have done that. I am so thankful to you for coming here. I could not have managed without you at my side.

On top of that, when the Judge asked if you wanted to charge for the U.S. District court case, in addition to the usual fee allowed for SSI, you said “no” , because you do not “double dip” and charge your clients twice. I’m sure most other attorneys would have been happy to charge me twice!

You and your staff have been very patient with me and were always so nice. Of course, you and your staff are also extremely competent. I could not have won this case without you. I must say, I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking a highly qualified and competent attorney. Again, thank you so much.”

— Confidential client

“I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding work Ms. Flynn did on behalf of my Mother, Mihan Lari. My mother is from Iran, and while she can understand some English, she cannot speak the language. She applied for SSI benefits, and Ms. Flynn represented her in her case to receive these benefits.

We initially received partial benefits from a visiting Judge from Virginia. Ms. Flynn appealed the ruling on my mother’s behalf, to the US District Court, and the case was sent back for another hearing. The case was then assigned to an Atlanta Judge who granted the additional back benefits without another hearing.

During this entire process, Ms. Flynn worked tirelessly on my mother’s behalf. She was diligent in her efforts to explain the details of each ruling and made both my mother and I confident we would prevail. Without Ms. Flynn’s hard work and expertise, I am not certain we would have been able to navigate the legal process to the successful outcome we now have. Thank you, Ms. Flynn for your hard work on my mother’s case. Your dedication to our case and kindness to my mother is greatly appreciated.”

— Mehrdad Motamedi

“During my first meeting with attorney Kathleen Flynn, I realized she was a very caring, honest, and tireless attorney who would fight hard for my social security benefits. She and her excellent staff were there for me every step of the wayincluding representing me at my hearing. Thanks to their help, I won a fully favorable decision, and not only received my monthly social security disability check, but I won over $91,000.00 in back pay. I couldn’t be any happier!

Hiring Kathleen Flynn as my social security disability attorney was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Words can’t express how grateful I am for her help in getting me my social security disability benefits. Thanks to Ms. Flynn and her excellent staff, I now receive much needed social security disability benefits, including Medicare.

I lost my job after severely injuring my lower spine, and I needed money desperately to help pay my medical bills and living expenses. Some of the veterans I know at the Atlanta VA highly recommended The Flynn Law Firm to help represent me in my struggle to obtain social security disability benefits. I took their advice and made an appointment to discuss my case with this highly qualified social security disability attorney.

Ms. Flynn has over 20 years of legal experience as a social security disability lawyer. If you need disability to help support you and your family, I would definitely recommend that you hire The Flynn Law Firm as your social security representatives. You won’t be disappointed!”

—Gregory J. Hill

“I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally win my case. I know that it was not luck, because my luck is not that good! After really thinking about most of what happened the day of my hearing, I know that it was having you, an experienced lawyer, and wonderful staff on my side.

From Debbie always answering my every question and from how you showed up and showed out in that courtroom, I can’t find the word that fits for all of what you and your staff have done for me! I sat, cried, and told people that, without you, I would’nt have won. I thank God that he put you and your staff in my life.

That God sent me angels and that I truly needed y’all and cannot believe how y’all treated me like family. I did not know how that felt, because I have no family. Thanks to you and your staff I knew how it felt to have somebody in your corner and, no matter what, y’all had my back.”

— Tim Troutman

“I would recommend Attorney Flynn highly! I met Ms. Flynn, and she instantly put me at ease with her knowledge and upfront attitude. With Ms. Flynn’s advice, I appealed my claim for social security disability. Her office kept me constantly alert and aware of upcoming doctor appointments and forms that needed to be completed. Ms. Flynn’s staff was always a pleasure to talk to.

I am a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient. While hearing that dreaded diagnosis in 2002, I was working full-time in an outpatient surgery center and had been working for 32 years. I continued to work until 2009 when my neurologist advised me that it was time to stop working and to continue on some more difficult-to-manage medication.

Ms. Flynn recognized that I was not a “slacker” or someone who didn’t want to continue working in my beloved field of medicine. But, due to the MS, I simply could not function on this daily basis anymore. I applied for SSI/SSDI benefits and 3 months later was quickly denied. I consulted an attorney friend of mine, who recommended Ms. Flynn. Upon this appeal, I was able to obtain the disability that was so needed.

—Sheila Ferguson

“When I first met attorney, Kathleen Flynn, I was destitute, severely depressed, and homeless. My only way out of a future living in homeless shelters was to win Social Security Disability benefits. So, I sought out the help of Ms. Flynn, a disability lawyer, who had been highly recommended by a church-based homeless ministry. I am so glad that I contacted Ms. Flynn, and that I chose her to represent me. That very wise decision literally changed my life!

Even from our first meeting, I could tell that Kathleen Flynn sincerely cares about her clients. She gave me a lot of personal attention, plus her demeanor was always compassionate. Ms. Flynn assured me that she could win my Social Security Disability case, and after I filled out the necessary forms at Ms. Flynn’s office, I began to worry less and less about the eventual outcome. I felt that my disability claim was in excellent hands. And, I certainly wasn’t wrong in that assumption.

Just eight months after my claim was filed, I was approved for Social Security Disability benefits at the initial level. I didn’t even have to go through the appeals process, thanks to the diligent efforts of Kathleen Flynn and her extremely efficient staff. I am forever in their debt for enabling me to receive disability benefits so quickly.

Things have changed dramatically for me, since that fast approval of my disability claim. I’ve gotten back on my feet financially. I have also found a nice apartment in which to live. And, now that I am receiving a monthly Social Security Disability income, my future is looking very bright again!

Thank you, Ms. Flynn, for your wonderful attentive work on my behalf. I highly recommend attorney, Kathleen Flynn, to anyone who needs life changing assistance with their disability claim. With Ms. Flynn on your team, as your social security disability lawyer, you definitely won’t be disappointed.”

—Joan C.

“I know Ms. Kathleen Flynn to be a diligent worker on behalf of her clients. I have been truly impressed with her knowledge, commitment, and aggressiveness on behalf of her clients who are pursuing Social Security disability benefits.

At the prime of my career and of my personal life, my health problems came as quite a shock to my body, as well as my family, when I was diagnosed at age 37 with a severely disabling medical condition. After my first denial, I thought it was an impossible task filing and getting disability benefits, but upon meeting with Kathleen for the first time, I knew I was in good hands. She gave me hope and truly showed care and concern.

With her expertise and professionalism, she patiently walked me through the complicated process of appealing. I received a partially favorable decision at the reconsideration level. Later, Ms. Flynn was very specific about what it takes to win and explained to me in great detail what would take place at the hearing for me to be found disabled further back in time.

I would not have known which avenues to take on my own and never would have made it without her help and advice. I want to express my deepest appreciation not only for the favorable outcome but also for the time and effort you dedicated to my case.”

— Diana Azaripour

“Kathleen Flynn was a life saver for me. I had several health problems such as C.O.P.D, manic depression, chronic back injury, breast tumors, etc. I had been denied three times and my blood pressure increased to chronic high blood pressure. When I met Ms. Flynn, I was homeless, sick, and very insecure. She came to my rescue. She was a patient and sincere worker on my case. I received my benefits after she speeded up the process, and I testify that she is one of the best I have seen.”

— Beverly Profitt

“I am a disabled combat veteran of the OIF/OEF wars, who was denied Social Security benefits for several years until I hired the law firm of Kathleen Flynn to fight for my benefits.

After several months, they got me a hearing. My Attorney, Hadiyah Mayers, won my case in less than 10 minutes. I was very pleased and satisfied with the knowledge and services they provided me. They were professional and treated me with the utmost respect. If not for them, I would still be fighting for my benefits. Thank you.”

— Mark A. Green

“What great pride to be represented by a wonderful, outgoing, and caring lawyer, Kathleen Flynn. I had no worries. She dedicated the time to winning my case. Even the staff makes you feel warm about the environment of helping you achieve your disability.

Kathleen Flynn would be the one I refer to anyone who’s pending disability. When you pick her, you have chosen the best out there and don’t be left without her. Believe me she is the best.”

— Reva Iman

“I met Kathleen Flynn on August 20, 1998. Although another attorney told me that I did not have a case, Kathleen told me that she would accept my case. Kathleen jumped in the case by contacting doctors. We fought every court system and went to U.S. District Court three times. Kathleen wrote a lot of briefs and talked to a lot of people. I know that I was not an easy client. I would call all the time. Kathleen would always tell me not to give up. I knew that I had someone fighting for me, and I did not have to worry about the Social Security Admin.

To whoever reads this, I can personally tell you, don’t give up. If you are with Kathleen Flynn at this time, stay with her. If you are not with Kathleen Flynn as a client, you need to call her and talk with her. I thank Kathleen so much for being there for me.”

—Cora Arnette

“Ms. Flynn was very compassionate and caring, and I and would recommend her to anyone who needs help getting disability benefits. I was turned down twice by Social Security before I was referred to Ms. Flynn. I was seeking help with my disability claim, because I was diagnosed with major depression and had severe pain due to arthritis and pulmonary disease.

I retained Ms. Flynn at the hearing level and was awarded partial benefits before a Judge, who found me disabled after the date I alleged disability. Ms. Flynn worked very hard on my case and did not stop until I was awarded full benefits back to the date I said I was disabled. She kept fighting for me by filing an appeal to the Appeals Council (AC) when I wanted to give up. It’s not all about the money for her – she cares about her clients. She will fight to the end for her clients.”

— Frances Addison

“Thanks to Ms. Flynn’s intervention, I was immediately put to the top of the pile, my claim was immediately processed, and all retroactive months were promptly paid.

I can remember as if it were yesterday when I visited Ms. Flynn’s office after having gone through brain surgery and the rehabilitation process that followed. I was declared medically disabled by my doctors; however, at age 56 I was sure Social Security would turn me down. Ms. Flynn promptly followed-up to see wherein the process my claim was. My case, apparently, was approved but was sitting at the bottom of a clerk’s pile for several months. Ms. Flynn had a decided advantage having worked for the Social Security Administration prior to her private practice.”

— Arlene A. Braxton

“I was so greatly pleased to have Kathleen as my attorney. She was so professional, and I could tell from our first interview that she really knew her business. She was very prompt in answering all my phones calls and any questions I had later in the process. She was great to explain time frames such as when we could expect to go before the judge, etc.

We met approximately for one hour before going before the Judge, and she reviewed my chart with me and explained the procedure for going before the judge. This put me more at ease and helped me relax when answering all the questions. I would highly recommend her from my past experience. She was by my side all the way. Thanks again, Kathleen.”

— Brenda Freeman

“I am a Veteran who appreciates all of your patience and guidance through this whole process, as well as your traveling to Arizona to represent me at my hearing.

Lawyers have so many clients who have unrealistic expectations and are furious when things don’t go as expected. It’s a rare, wonderful treat when someone is actually grateful, and when you have a lawyer, like yourself, who truly cares about her clients. I wanted to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for getting my two case appeals handled, and the professionalism you have shown over the years. I want to send you and your staff kudos on a job well done, and a job much appreciated.”

— Arron Vincy

I’d like to take this time to say you won’t go wrong if you let Kathleen Flynn handle your case. She works for you as well as with you.

“It was about nine years ago today when I injured myself on my job, where I was in charge of all the medical supplies at the Fulton county jail. One day, a sheriff asked me for a box of gloves and then I had a terrible fall. The deputy came over to help me up and saw that my knee had swollen so huge you that could see a lump underneath my scrubs. My doctor said it was job related, and they placed me on light duty and that was a medical x-ray file clerk that was even more strain on my legs and knees.

I got worse and had to resign. Then, my bills started piling up and creditors started calling. I became stressed out and depressed. I went back to school in pursuit of another job career by taking up personal computers. While looking for another job, walking and waiting for buses and standing on my legs, the conditions had worsened.

So, I had no other choice but to apply for disability. I was turned down three times. I was referred to another attorney, who turned me away, because he did not think I had much of a case, but Kathleen Flynn picked my case up. She said, “If they turn you down one more time, I’ll go to bat for you.” And bat she did. Ms. Flynn won my case for me. I’ve been on SSDI and SSI since 2007, and I have my own apartment up in Kennesaw and my own car. I can see the specialist of my choice and I owe it all to Ms. Flynn.”

— Patricia Lucas

“I really enjoyed working with Attorney Kathleen Flynn and staff. I was referred to their office after finding out my 8 yr old daughter was suffering from a disability. After meeting with Ms. Kathleen, they began working dilligently and speedily. Within months, our case was approved!!!

I was suspicious about my child, as far as ADHD. Someone referred me to Kathleen Flynn’s office. From the day I got there and even now, I felt appreciated, and the staff was very thoughtful and caring. I met Kathleen Flynn personally and had the pleasure of talking with her with my family face to face. That was very important to me to see how my family would react to her.

After we filed the necessary paperwork, kept all the appointments and followed up with the office, I received a phone call from the social security district office indicating that we were approved and should be receiving the payments as soon as possible. Wow!! The process was easy, and Ms. Kathleen and her staff really knew their stuff. Being very responsible and honest. What was even more special about our case was that we didn’t even have to wait a whole year!

So I thank you all. And I would refer anyone to this office for the best results. Don’t waste your time anywhere else!!!”

— Nakia Shabazz

“I had tried to get on disability, unsuccessfully, for two years before I spoke with Ms. Flynn. I did what I had been told were all the right things: I called my Adjudicator regularly, asking what was needed of me. However, my Adjudicator seemed unable to respond to my calls for a little. I would call weekly, but after three weeks, the inbox for their voicemail or message center became full. Three months later, my Adjudicator’s message center was still full. That was when I received a letter informing me my case was closed. So, l called a friend, who had heard of Kathleen Flynn, and who gave me her number. I called and reapplied with Kathleen Flynn’s help and effort. Six months later, I was awarded my case. Thank you again, Kathleen. Your help changed my ability to live with my disabilities.”

— Will Ames

“I’m so appreciative of the staff as well as Ms. Flynn. Your office never let me down and I’m so, so thankful. I’m able to get the medication and the therapy I need for my illness. I have not been able to work in the last four years, and I did not have any income only food stamps. I thank God that he placed me around people that cared and was able to help me. I’m crying, because I’m so happy and so grateful that your office represented me. I appreciate everyone there.

I was homeless at the time I was searching for an Attorney. I was denied six months prior to obtaining Ms. Flynn, who reviewed my denial notice immediately and said we need to file an appeal. I was granted another hearing date and I was very nervous. The attorney that represented me from Ms. Flynn’s office was so nice.

The attorney reassured me that she will stay with me, and she will not leave me by myself in the office with the judge, clerks, etc. She allowed me to ask questions, and I was told to let her know when my anxiety comes on and she was very patient with me. I had a panic attack before the session was over and the Judge told me to calm down and relax and I had to remove myself from the room. The attorney helped me like she was a nurse, and she helped me to calm down and relax. I was advised by the attorney that we did it!!!! We won the case!!! ”

— Carla Rimmer

“On the advice of a close friend, I visited the law offices of Kathleen Flynn and Associates. They were very caring; very straightforward; and they kept me updated on all my upcoming appointments and doctor visits.

I initially applied for disability benefits back in June of 2009, because I had swelling and pain in my legs, ankles, and feet. In early February of 2010, I was approved for full disability benefits. I am very grateful to Kathleen and all of her staff for all of their support.”

— Charles J Spratt

“I’m very grateful for attorney, Kathleen Flynn and associates, for helping me win my SSI benefits. She and her staff will stick with you until the end.

Kathleen is concerned about the people who are in need of SSI, who do not know their rights whether they are mentally or physically disabled. I am sending a message reminder to all who read this website that Kathleen Flynn is there to serve and help you. She’s been there during my trials and tribulations of winning my case and I thank her.”

— Una Conton

“I was pleased with Kathleen Flynn’s work in helping me with my disability. I would recommend Ms. Flynn (and I have) to anyone trying to get their disability. She was a very nice individual and was easy to work with. I received a favorable onrecord decision from the Hearing office (Office of Disability Adjudication and Review) without having to attend a hearing. Ms. Flynn met me in Cobb Country, so I did not have to travel to her office in Decatur.”

— B Robinson

“Not many attorneys deal or bother with fibromyalgia cases. I would like thank you for taking the time to help with my case. Attorney Mayers was very pleasant and helped me through the hearing. I do not think I would have been able to do it without her confidence in me on the day of my hearing. I want to say thank you for helping me win my case and, also, just for being my representative in this case.”

— Rosemary Taylor

“Choosing Kathleen Flynn & Associates, in May 2010, was a great decision on my behalf. I’m a disabled veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield, who had been denied my Social Security Benefits for three years. After retaining this firm, I received a Fully Favorable Decision in October 2010.

My attorney, who is one of the firms associates, possessed nothing but professionalism. I was very pleased and satisfied with the firm services they provided for me. This is my story of appreciation and admiration for Kathleen Flynn & Associates for high achievements.”

— Kelia Willis

“Thank you for all of your efforts and dedication in representing me in my case for disability. As you know, I have been disabled for a number of years and not able to work. I had repeatedly tried to get disability income. However, my claim was repeatedly denied. I had all but given up hope when I was referred to you through a friend of mine.

You took my case and within a year, my claim for disability income was approved. I shall always be grateful for your expertise, compassion, diligence and countless hours of hard work in representing me during this challenging process. Again, thank you for your professional approach and your personal courtesy. May God continue to bless you for all that you do on behalf of others.”

—Susan Diane Taylor

“I would like to thank you for helping me get my Disability (SSI) started again. I am from Cuba and had a hard time getting my SSI re-instated. Mainly, because of the difficulties the Social Security Administration had understanding the Immigration Laws. I came to your firm in February 2009. It took me almost five years, but we finally got the necessary paperwork and all is well since we got a fully favorable decision from the Judge in September 2010. I realized it was hard working with me, but I do appreciate your hard work and patience. Thank you again for working so hard to get me re-instated.”

— Respectfully, Reinaldo Morales

“We thank God first and foremost. Secondly, we thank Kathleen Flynn, Hadiyah Mayers, and associates. Finally, both my husband, Michael, and I will be financially stable now that we both have an income. In 2008, Kahtleen Flynn represented my husband and won his case. In April 2012, Hadiyah Mayers represented me at my SSI hearing and we won. Kathleen and Hadiyah did a great job of representation on both cases. It is with great pleasure to say that I will highly recommend them to anyone that needs very excellent lawyers for their disability cases.”

—Sincerely, Helen and Michael Cooper Sr.

“I wanted to thank you for representing me for my disability. Thanks for all the hard work. Without you, I would still be waiting for my disability and, the most important thing, my medicaid. I just can’t thank you enough for your time, and all your help.

Meeting you was truly a blessing for me, as I can now get the help that I need for my health and you have made it to where I have my life back.” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

—Deborah Sir

“The service and professionalism of Kathleen Flynn and Associates was very good. I am glad that this firm did not give up on me. Kathleen and company worked hard and understood what I was going through. Thank you so much for helping me. You’ve made my heart happy and pleased. God Bless You.”

— Stavoney Brooks

“I was referred to Kathleen Flynn by a wise person at the V.A. hospital, who highly recommended Attorney Flynn to help me with my case. We started doing business over the phone and through the mail. The office made the whole process so convenient and easy for me.

I especially like the courteous paralegal who answers the phone, Tiffiny. I could always call anytime and get accurate answers and advice. I do not think my case would have been won as fast without your professionalism and knowhow. I highly recommend this law firm for anyone seeking legal help with social security.”

— Anthony C. Gillespie

“I got in touch with Ms. Flynn around October 2011. Ms. Flynn had a pretty nice firm, and it didn’t take long to win once I got in touch with her; she was fast. I was homeless at the time. All I had to do was call her, and the firm did everything else. They are a wonderful firm. I have recommended the firm to several people, and I have not had any complaints. The firm does wonderful work.”

— Carol Sellers

“I am very happy and pleased about my outcome of approval for disability. Attorney, Hadiyah J. Mayers, of the Law Office of Kathleen Flynn did a fantastic job on my case. She exudes professionalism and is very skilled and very knowledgeable of her duties on each case. I recommend The Law Office of Kathleen Flynn to everyone in need of legal help regarding denial of disability benefits.”

— Pamela Hutton

“After applying for and being denied my disability case, I had lost all hope. Then, a good friend referred me to Attorney Kathleen Flynn. She took her time and explained all the options that were available to me. Her office took care of everything from my consultation, to directly contacting my doctors, to representing me at my hearing. Even though I didn’t know what to expect, she made me feel very comfortable despite my disabilities and was with me every step of the way! I honestly and truly would recommend Attorney Kathleen Flynn to anyone!”

— Mrs. Velissa Wren

“Kathleen Flynn always demonstrated great care and concern for my personal well-being. She quickly earned my respect and gained my trust. I remained confident that she would do all within her power to represent me with the most favorable outcome possible.

I have tried to live by maximizing one’s strengths while minimizing weaknesses. I’ve only known Kathleen to be strong.”

— J.P. Augusta, GA

“I applied for SSDI on September 28, 2011, at the Law Office of Kathleen M Flynn, LLC. On February 20, 2012, I received a call from the Social Security Administration’s District Office letting me know that I was approved for disability benefits. Had it not been for Kathleen Flynn and her staff, I don’t think I would have been approved so soon.”

Thank you all so much,

— Minnie Toland

“On the advice of a close friend, I visited the law offices of Kathleen Flynn and Associates. They were very caring; very straightforward; and they kept me updated on all my upcoming appointments and doctor visits.

I initially applied for disability benefits back in June of 2009, because I had swelling and pain in my legs, ankles, and feet. In early February of 2010, I was approved for full disability benefits. I am very grateful to Kathleen and all of her staff for their support.”

— Daryl Mitchell

“I wish that we had hired Kathleen from day one. As a disabled veteran, I was turned down for social security income benefits 3 times. Fortunately, my family and I hired Kathleen Flynn to represent me. Consequently, we won a substantial award.”

— Mark Millichap, US Army

“Kathleen Flynn and staff are very professional and knowledgeable about disability cases. It didn’t take long for them to win my son’s case. Social Security denied my son for two years so I asked for an appeal, and the Law Office of Kathleen Flynn represented me in this case. Thanks so much for helping me and my son.”

— Eula Belinda Caulder

“I am physically and mentally disabled. I was unable to support myself. I labored for many years until I was in a car wreck. Kathleen took me as a client and helped me get awarded S.S.I. I am in a much better situation because of Kathleen Flynn. She has a very high success and approval rate. I was referred to her by another lawyer and another client, who was also awarded S.S.I. Thank You Kathleen”

— Ronald Boatner

“Thank you for all of your help. You guys are great. You are very professional. I like the way your office follows up with clients and prepares us for the hearings. Everyone in the firm helped with all the paper work. Thank you for referring me to doctors for treatment. I like the way you spoke very professionally to the Judge during the hearing.”

— John Kangoma

“I was very pleased with the way you and your firm handled my case. I worked on getting my disability for several years with no luck and being taken by the other firms that made me do all the legwork and ended up with nothing but a headache. Thank you, I recommend your firm for any case. Y’all did a great job and I will never forget it.”

— Bary Denny, Your friend

“The office did a perfectly good job for me. One of the most important things was the office kept in contact with me about everything. When I first started, I tried to do it on my own, but I couldn’t get anywhere. I couldn’t have done all of it on my own. I’m going to recommend some friends to Ms. Flynn. I’m very, very satisfied with the job you did. Everybody was very polite and respectful. I would recommend this firm to anybody at anytime.”

—Dannie Edwards

“Kathleen Flynn is a lady of her word, and I am very honored to have known her. She did an excellent job on my case. I was homeless and dually diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar.” I am a witness that her work does offer something good. I would recommend anyone to Ms. Kathleen Flynn seeking their disability claim.”

—Chen Thomas

“God told me not to give up, and he put me in Kathleen Flynn’s hands. I would not have made it if Kathleen did not help me with my case. Kathleen told me what to do, and I did it and got my disability. Everyone at the office was very nice. That means a lot to me. I appreciate what Kathleen has done for me.”

— Kelvin Ross

“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your representing me for my Social Security Disability case. Although we never met face to face (because I lived too far away to drive to your office, and you won my case without a hearing), I know the Lord sent you to me. Still dealing with neck/back pain, probably will always be good or bad days. But, I really appreciated you for what you did. May God continue to bless you and your staff.”

— Janet H. Jones

“Kathleen Flynn’s law office got my social security disability approved. If I did not have the help from her friendly staff, I would be homeless. I thank God for the Law Office of Kathleen Flynn for getting my disability started. I highly recommend the firm to anyone trying to get SSI or SSDI benefits.”

— Johnny Allen

“When I first came into the Law Offices of Kathleen Flynn, I sat down with somebody, and she had to put down a lot of stuff on paper and did it. From there, I had to talk to Ms. Flynn, and we talked for over an hour. When I got the denial letter, they asked me to read the letter back to them. I did, and they went right to work on the appeal. Ms. Flynn talked to somebody, and then I was approved.

Everything was good, I mean I had no problem at all. I had a good experience. I am able to pay some rent and get my medication, and that’s about it. I feel good about it. I didn’t have no worries or nothing.”

— Carl Hudgins

“I would like to give Attorney Flynn and her staff a thumbs up for an outstanding and superb job in helping me obtain my disability claim. Great team work!”

— Alvin Barksdale

“I am writing to thank you for a job well done regarding the award of my Social Security Disability. After being denied prior to retaining you, I thought all hope was gone. However, I received my award three months after retaining you. Your professionalism and the professionalism of your staff made the process seem effortless.”

— Suntricia LaShon Jennings

“I had a good experience with your law office. I love working with all the staff, who was helpful any time I had questions.I was able to win my case, and I would recommend your firm again to someone who needs their disability payments. Thank you.”

— Charles Culberson

“With the paper trail you had to offer as evidence of my disablement, you were able to go forward and make things happen for me to win. Thank you very, very much for all your hard work.”

— Anthony Smith

“Ms. Flynn did exactly what she said she would, and it was a pleasant experience. I even recommended my neighbor to her for help with their SSI case. Thank you for all your help.”

— Anonymous Smith

“I would like to say that Kathleen Flynn worked very hard for my disability. I was so grateful to have found her. I would recommend her for help with SSI problems. Thanks so much and GOD Bless you.”

— Brenda Loveday

“Please let me start by saying, Thanks, Ms. Flynn, for not giving up on my case, when I had given up myself. So, I would say to anyone that needs a disability attorney: Don’t hesitate, call Kathleen Flynn, for a job well done.” (In this case, the client was found medically disabled, but the District Office reduced his SSI backpay stating that he received financial assistance. We appealed, and the ALJ found that his SSI backpay should not have been reduced).

— Rufus Cromer, Your Client Always

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