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“I’m so appreciative of the staff as well as Ms. Flynn. Your office never let me down and I’m so, so thankful. I’m able to get the medication and the therapy I need for my illness. I have not been able to work in the last four years, and I did not have any income only food stamps. I thank God that he placed me around people that cared and was able to help me. I’m crying, because I’m so happy and so grateful that your office represented me. I appreciate everyone there.

I was homeless at the time I was searching for an Attorney. I was denied six months prior to obtaining Ms. Flynn, who reviewed my denial notice immediately and said we need to file an appeal. I was granted another hearing date and I was very nervous. The attorney that represented me from Ms. Flynn’s office was so nice.

The attorney reassured me that she will stay with me, and she will not leave me by myself in the office with the judge, clerks, etc. She allowed me to ask questions, and I was told to let her know when my anxiety comes on and she was very patient with me. I had a panic attack before the session was over and the Judge told me to calm down and relax and I had to remove myself from the room. The attorney helped me like she was a nurse, and she helped me to calm down and relax. I was advised by the attorney that we did it!!!! We won the case!!!”

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