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“I met Kathleen Flynn on August 20, 1998. Although another attorney told me that I did not have a case, Kathleen told me that she would accept my case. Kathleen jumped in the case by contacting doctors. We fought every court system and went to U.S. District Court three times. Kathleen wrote a lot of briefs and talked to a lot of people. I know that I was not an easy client. I would call all the time. Kathleen would always tell me not to give up. I knew that I had someone fighting for me, and I did not have to worry about the Social Security Admin.

To whoever reads this, I can personally tell you, don’t give up. If you are with Kathleen Flynn at this time, stay with her. If you are not with Kathleen Flynn as a client, you need to call her and talk with her. I thank Kathleen so much for being there for me.”

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