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Hearing Dismissals resume during Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic,  in October 2020, the Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearings and Operations (OHO) had put a moratorium on dismissals of social security disability hearings (SSI, SSDI/DIB, Widow/Widower’s, DAC etc. applications) by Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). Since March 8, 2021, ALJs have been permitted to dismiss requests for hearings that were not filed within 60 days or when the claimant failed to appear at a hearing. Below are circumstances in which the ALJ cannot dismiss a hearing request according to NOSSCR.  www.nosscr.org:
1. OHO had to provide 75 days notice of the disability hearing or
2. Claimant waived 75 days notice of the disability hearing IN WRITING or
3. Claimant never consented to phone or video disability hearing or
4. Contact Procedures for Notice to Show Cause for the claimant and/or representative to provide reasons for failure to appear must be followed.  www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/hallex/I-02/I-2-4-25.html
If your Request for Hearing was dismissed or you know an adult or child who is disabled, our disability staff and lawyers file applications for SSI, SSDI, Widow’s/Widower’s applications, requests for reconsideration, requests for hearing, requests review of unfavorable ALJ decisions with Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) briefs. We are also filing cases in US District Court. #socialsecurity #ssdi #ssi #disability #disabilities #socialsecuritydisability #widow #widower #disability lawyer #disability attorney #ssiattorneys #ssilawyers #dib #childssi #childdac #childdevelopment #children #veteransbenefits #requestforhearing #dismissal
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