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“I am so grateful to Ms. Flynn for her help. Let me tell you a little about myself, and why I am so grateful to her. Through no fault of my own, in a ten year period, I was struck twice by moving vehicles. The second accident was more than two years ago. From that accident, I spent two and a half months in a coma. I have a “Traumatic Brain Injury” from the accident, which caused memory loss and continues to cause memory loss. I also have seizures, and my doctor says that I will not improve or get better ever. I don’t remember the places that I saw or the things that happened in my two and a half trips around the world when I served in the Navy. All I know is that I did do that. I spent 18 years as a glazier (making and installing glass), and I remember that I loved it and was good at it. What I also remember is this: Ms. Flynn was a Godsend to me.

I had been approved for SSI and then was told that I had too much money, because I had gotten a settlement form being run over. SSI told me to spend my money and then my check would start. Then, SSI said that I had not been approved and would have to start the application process all over again. I ran out of money and was scraping by when I called Ms. Flynn’s office. She, and the good people who work for her, treated me with respect and never talked down to me. The folks in Ms. Flynn’s office asked the Social Security people some questions. They wrote letters and made phone calls about my disability case. Faster than I thought possible, I got a letter from SSI stating that I had been approved for benefits, and, that I would get my first check in less than two weeks. I believe that if it had not been for the help from Ms. Flynn, I might still be sending letters to SSI and still not have my benefits.”

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