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“I want to thank you for the excellent manner in which you handled my ongoing battle with SSI. You continued to fight SSI with all of the necessary appeals until my case was won. In addition, you went above and beyond what anyone would expect. When I moved from Georgia, you flew out to Nevada for my final court hearing. I doubt few, if any, other attorneys would have done that. I am so thankful to you for coming here. I could not have managed without you at my side.

On top of that, when the Judge asked if you wanted to charge for the U.S. District court case, in addition to the usual fee allowed for SSI, you said “no” , because you do not “double dip” and charge your clients twice. I’m sure most other attorneys would have been happy to charge me twice!

You and your staff have been very patient with me and were always so nice. Of course, you and your staff are also extremely competent. I could not have won this case without you. I must say, I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking a highly qualified and competent attorney. Again, thank you so much.”

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