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“I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding work Ms. Flynn did on behalf of my Mother, Mihan Lari. My mother is from Iran, and while she can understand some English, she cannot speak the language. She applied for SSI benefits, and Ms. Flynn represented her in her case to receive these benefits.

We initially received partial benefits from a visiting Judge from Virginia. Ms. Flynn appealed the ruling on my mother’s behalf, to the US District Court, and the case was sent back for another hearing. The case was then assigned to an Atlanta Judge who granted the additional back benefits without another hearing.

During this entire process, Ms. Flynn worked tirelessly on my mother’s behalf. She was diligent in her efforts to explain the details of each ruling and made both my mother and I confident we would prevail. Without Ms. Flynn’s hard work and expertise, I am not certain we would have been able to navigate the legal process to the successful outcome we now have. Thank you, Ms. Flynn for your hard work on my mother’s case. Your dedication to our case and kindness to my mother is greatly appreciated.”

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