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“During my first meeting with attorney Kathleen Flynn, I realized she was a very caring, honest, and tireless attorney who would fight hard for my social security benefits. She and her excellent staff were there for me every step of the wayincluding representing me at my hearing. Thanks to their help, I won a fully favorable decision, and not only received my monthly social security disability check, but I won over $91,000.00 in back pay. I couldn’t be any happier!

Hiring Kathleen Flynn as my social security disability attorney was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Words can’t express how grateful I am for her help in getting me my social security disability benefits. Thanks to Ms. Flynn and her excellent staff, I now receive much needed social security disability benefits, including Medicare.

I lost my job after severely injuring my lower spine, and I needed money desperately to help pay my medical bills and living expenses. Some of the veterans I know at the Atlanta VA highly recommended The Flynn Law Firm to help represent me in my struggle to obtain social security disability benefits. I took their advice and made an appointment to discuss my case with this highly qualified social security disability attorney.

Ms. Flynn has over 20 years of legal experience as a social security disability lawyer. If you need disability to help support you and your family, I would definitely recommend that you hire The Flynn Law Firm as your social security representatives. You won’t be disappointed!”

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