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“I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally win my case. I know that it was not luck, because my luck is not that good! After really thinking about most of what happened the day of my hearing, I know that it was having you, an experienced lawyer, and wonderful staff on my side.

From Debbie always answering my every question and from how you showed up and showed out in that courtroom, I can’t find the word that fits for all of what you and your staff have done for me! I sat, cried, and told people that, without you, I would’nt have won. I thank God that he put you and your staff in my life.

That God sent me angels and that I truly needed y’all and cannot believe how y’all treated me like family. I did not know how that felt, because I have no family. Thanks to you and your staff I knew how it felt to have somebody in your corner and, no matter what, y’all had my back.”

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