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“I would recommend Attorney Flynn highly! I met Ms. Flynn, and she instantly put me at ease with her knowledge and upfront attitude. With Ms. Flynn’s advice, I appealed my claim for social security disability. Her office kept me constantly alert and aware of upcoming doctor appointments and forms that needed to be completed. Ms. Flynn’s staff was always a pleasure to talk to.

I am a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient. While hearing that dreaded diagnosis in 2002, I was working full-time in an outpatient surgery center and had been working for 32 years. I continued to work until 2009 when my neurologist advised me that it was time to stop working and to continue on some more difficult-to-manage medication.

Ms. Flynn recognized that I was not a “slacker” or someone who didn’t want to continue working in my beloved field of medicine. But, due to the MS, I simply could not function on this daily basis anymore. I applied for SSI/SSDI benefits and 3 months later was quickly denied. I consulted an attorney friend of mine, who recommended Ms. Flynn. Upon this appeal, I was able to obtain the disability that was so needed.

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