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“When I first met attorney, Kathleen Flynn, I was destitute, severely depressed, and homeless. My only way out of a future living in homeless shelters was to win Social Security Disability benefits. So, I sought out the help of Ms. Flynn, a disability lawyer, who had been highly recommended by a church-based homeless ministry. I am so glad that I contacted Ms. Flynn, and that I chose her to represent me. That very wise decision literally changed my life!

Even from our first meeting, I could tell that Kathleen Flynn sincerely cares about her clients. She gave me a lot of personal attention, plus her demeanor was always compassionate. Ms. Flynn assured me that she could win my Social Security Disability case, and after I filled out the necessary forms at Ms. Flynn’s office, I began to worry less and less about the eventual outcome. I felt that my disability claim was in excellent hands. And, I certainly wasn’t wrong in that assumption.

Just eight months after my claim was filed, I was approved for Social Security Disability benefits at the initial level. I didn’t even have to go through the appeals process, thanks to the diligent efforts of Kathleen Flynn and her extremely efficient staff. I am forever in their debt for enabling me to receive disability benefits so quickly.

Things have changed dramatically for me, since that fast approval of my disability claim. I’ve gotten back on my feet financially. I have also found a nice apartment in which to live. And, now that I am receiving a monthly Social Security Disability income, my future is looking very bright again!

Thank you, Ms. Flynn, for your wonderful attentive work on my behalf. I highly recommend attorney, Kathleen Flynn, to anyone who needs life changing assistance with their disability claim. With Ms. Flynn on your team, as your social security disability lawyer, you definitely won’t be disappointed.”

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