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“My friend told me of Kathleen Flynn, who would really fight for my boys. I met an amazing woman who did all the leg work, paperwork, and phone calls with all doctors, psychologists, schools, DFACS, foster care, and institutes.

Around 2002, I received custody of my children. DFACS made the boys see a psychologist, and they were diagnosed as ADHD. Our case worker said that this would mean they could get childs’ SSI to help with their special needs. With her determination and care for children, Kathleen obtained SSI, first, for one of my boys, “Sam” (at the reconsideration level). “Joey” was different, since he was angry, abusive, and hard to control. But, Kathleen didn’t give up and finally her determination paid off, and he was approved without a hearing (at the hearing office called ODAR) .

Now, Joey has graduated top of his class and Sam is A & B honor roll. They still are on medication and have their problems. But, with the help of Kathleen, the boys got the money and the care they needed to be responsible and self reliant.

I am proud to say that Kathleen Flynn is very responsible, determined, honest and at the top of her profession. She helped me when I didn’t know what to do. Given the chance, I’ll bet you will agree.”

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