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“The difference you have made in our lives and certainly, our daughter, Laura’s, is incredible. The fact that there are still people like you who actually see the need and respond with the personal caring and concern was a wonderful surprise. I just wanted to drop you a personal note to thank you for your assistance in successfully bringing Laura’s social security case to a conclusion.

We now have the comforting knowledge that Laura will have security from her SSI and DAC claims after we are gone. We have provided for her future, but this ensures she will have a measure of security in life. That would not have been the case without you and your firm. After being turned down twice, we had had almost given up in despair but were blessed in being made aware of you. Laura will never drive nor be able to work any kind of normal job, but the security that has been provided is priceless and an incredible relief to my wife and I.

The debt we owe you for your willingness to take a case, that in the beginning was very debatable, can never really be repaid. This was a case that was unlikely to be won, yet you saw the real need and to your credit, agreed to take it anyway. You were our last hope. The fact that you took not only a professional interest, but also a personal interest and concern for Laura is something we will never forget. You were our lawyer, but more, you became our friend. You really cared.”


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