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SSI (also called Title XVI) is a needs-based program funded by general taxes. You are eligible for SSI if:

  1. You are a disabled adult OR
  2. You are a disabled child under 18 years old OR
  3. You are blind OR
  4. You are age 65 and older


  1. You are a U.S. citizen OR
  2. You must be a lawfully admitted U.S. permanent resident(If you are a lawfully admitted U.S. permanent resident over age 65, you will, in certain cases, have to establish that you are disabled.) OR
  3. You fall into certain categories of aliens


  1. You must also have low income.(Income is what you use for food or shelter)The amount of SSI you receive will vary depending upon the amount of your income from other sources. Your living arrangements such as whether you are homeless, residing in someone else’s home, or staying in a residential care facility will also affect the amount of SSI you receive.
  2. Limited Resources (Resources are the things you own, although certain resources are excluded.)
    1. An individual can have resources worth up to $2,000
    2. A couple’s resources can be worth up to $3,000.

Other Benefits

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