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“A relative of mine, suffering from liver failure, had been going through the normal channels without a lawyer and 2 years passed by with no results. He was referred to Kathleen Flynn by the hospital, an attorney who not only specialized in disability cases but had actually previously worked for the Social Security Administration, and, therefore, understood the complete process. After hiring Ms. Flynn, my relative won his case for disability in a short amount of time. Desperate, I made an appointment to see Ms. Flynn, and, within 2 months, I received my first disability check! It was amazing!

Over the last 40 years, lifting tvs and other electronics in the consumer electronic business had left me with arthritis and spinal degenerative disc disease. The back pain had become unbearable. I was laid off after major spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago, while out of work recovering. Being 60 years old, I did not qualify for Social Security retirement. I was very depressed over the possibility of bankruptcy and home foreclosure.

What I found incredible was Kathleen’s work ethic. She genuinely cares for her clients and is a work-alcholic in order to help them. She even worked through her vacation to help me and many other clients. Now, I know I have a chance to save my house and for an enjoyable retirement. I owe it all to Kathleen. Thanks Kathleen, you are a life saver!”

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