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I’d like to take this time to say you won’t go wrong if you let Kathleen Flynn handle your case. She works for you as well as with you.

“It was about nine years ago today when I injured myself on my job, where I was in charge of all the medical supplies at the Fulton county jail. One day, a sheriff asked me for a box of gloves and then I had a terrible fall. The deputy came over to help me up and saw that my knee had swollen so huge you that could see a lump underneath my scrubs. My doctor said it was job related, and they placed me on light duty and that was a medical x-ray file clerk that was even more strain on my legs and knees.

I got worse and had to resign. Then, my bills started piling up and creditors started calling. I became stressed out and depressed. I went back to school in pursuit of another job career by taking up personal computers. While looking for another job, walking and waiting for buses and standing on my legs, the conditions had worsened.

So, I had no other choice but to apply for disability. I was turned down three times. I was referred to another attorney, who turned me away, because he did not think I had much of a case, but Kathleen Flynn picked my case up. She said, “If they turn you down one more time, I’ll go to bat for you.” And bat she did. Ms. Flynn won my case for me. I’ve been on SSDI and SSI since 2007, and I have my own apartment up in Kennesaw and my own car. I can see the specialist of my choice and I owe it all to Ms. Flynn.”

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