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Social Security Disability claimants get cost of living increase in 2012

Great news as the holidays approach! Beginning in January 2012, anyone receiving disability benefits will get a cost of living increase (COLA) of 3.6 percent. Thus, those who were found disabled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and those who are receiving benefits based upon the records of disabled, deceased, or retired workers will see an increase in their monthly checks.

This includes but is not limited to recipients of SSI (Title XVI); SSDI (Title II, DIB); Child Insurance benefits; Widow’s benefits; Widower’s benefits; Disabled Adult Child benefits (DAC); and Auxillary benefits. There has been no COLA increase since 2009.

According to NOSSCR (National Association of Social Security Representatives), the average monthly disability benefit in 2012 for all disabled workers will be $1,111 (vs. $1,072 in 2011). For a disabled worker, spouse, and one or more children, the average monthly benefit in 2012 will be $1,892 (vs. $1,826 in 2011), as reported by NOSSCR in their most recent newsletter.

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